Firing Rooms

Launch Control Center (LCC)

The LCC was the nerve center for controlling and testing the Saturn launch vehicle and its ground support equipment. A mission's tests and launch countdown (technically a test procedure) were run from one of the three active Firing Rooms on the 3rd floor of the LCC.

During the Apollo era, the spacecraft modules (the Command/Service Module and Lunar Module) were tested from the ACE Rooms in the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building, 5 miles to the south of the LCC.


Cross-section of the LCC

LCC 3rd floor plan, showing missions controlled by each Firing Room

Each Firing Room was divided into six functional areas, identified by letter (A-F).

     Area A - Managers and Test Conductors

     Area B - Launch vehicle and ground support equipment test engineers

     Area C - DDAS telemetry measuring & recording, propellants and industrial facilities control

     Area D - Computer room (RCA 110A and Sanders display computer)

     Area E - Power distribution

     Area F - Terminal room

A glassed-in Operations Management Room on the right side of Area A housed managers from other NASA Centers and the DoD during launches. Other VIPs sat in the observation room to the left of Area A.

The Launch Vehicle Operations Documentation Center, commonly called "The Woodshed," was the site of many problem-solving conferences with Rocco Petrone and his key engineers during tests and countdowns.

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