About Jonathan Ward

American author Jonathan Ward spent several years of his childhood in Japan, but he considers the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC to be his hometown. Although he has a wide variety of interests and has worked in many fields, space exploration is his lifelong passion.

Jonathan's joy of bringing the space program to life for the general public began in high school, when he served as a volunteer tour guide at the National Air and Space Museum during the Apollo 15 and 16 missions.  He continues his public outreach today, as a Solar System Ambassador for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as a frequent speaker on space exploration topics to interest groups and at regional conferences, and as an author for Springer-Praxis. Jonathan is also a frequent contributor to online space exploration forums.

Jonathan and his wife Jane now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is fiercely proud of his two grown children and their families, and he wishes they lived closer to him. He maintains a website at www.apollo-saturn.com to document his research on the Apollo era at Kennedy Space Center.

Jonathan colleacts and restores artifacts from the Apollo era, including several control panels from the Firing Rooms. Jonathan also notes that he might possibly be the only current  author about Apollo who has appeared on two GRAMMY-winning albums, which were recorded during his years as a Bass II section leader, soloist, and eventually president of The Washington Chorus.

Jonathan brings a unique perspective to his writing and speaking that marries a systems view of the topic, fascination with the technology, passion for space exploration, and deep respect for the people who make it all happen.

Jonathan holds an MS in Systems Management from the University of Denver and a BS in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is professionally certified as an executive coach by the International Coach Federation, and serves on the adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership. His professional experience includes extensive work with leadership teams and several years with Boeing on the Space Station Freedom program.

Jonathan is available for speaking engagements and is also interested in hearing stories from people who worked at Kennedy Space Center. Please click here to send Jonathan an email.