New Books about Apollo at Kennedy Space Center - Autographed by the Author


My new books have been produced by Springer-Praxis Books as part of their Space Exploration series. The books are available as paperbacks and in Kindle format.

Both books are rich with first-person accounts from the perspectives of more than 70 workers from the Apollo era at KSC - NASA and contractors; managers, engineers, technicians, and astronauts; spacecraft, launch vehicle operations, and technical support. In addition to hearing how things were supposed to work, you'll read fascinating stories of famous and previously-untold incidents at Kennedy throughout the Apollo program.

Rocket Ranch: The Nuts and Bolts of the Apollo Moon Program at Kennedy Space Center. The "where, what, and who" of Apollo/Saturn operations at the Cape and Kennedy Space Center.

Chapters include:

• Setting the Stage for Apollo/Saturn: 1960-1966

• The Apollo 1 Fire

• The Spacecraft Assembly and Checkout Facilities

• The VAB and the Mobile Launcher

• The Launch Control Center and Firing Rooms

• Launch Pads 39A and 39B

• Life at the Launch Pad

• Epilogue: The End of an Era.

331 pages, 201 illustrations (89 in color)

Countdown to a Moon Launch: Preparing Apollo for Its Historic Journey. The "how, why, and who" of assembling and testing the spacecraft and Saturn V for an Apollo mission at Kennedy Space Center, covering the six months from arrival at the dock to liftoff from the launch pad.

Chapters include:

• Controlling Complexity

• Requirements, Tests, and Computerization

• The MSOB and the CSM Processing Flow

• The LM Processing Flow/L Minus 181 Days

• The Space Vehicle Processing Flow in the VAB

• The Processing Flow at the Launch Pad/L Minus 57 Days

• Countdown Demonstration Test/L Minus 19 Days

• Launch Countdown/T Minus 130 Hours

• Plus Time and Near Misses

• Epilogue: Would It Actually Work?

431 pages, 268 illustrations (76 in color).

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